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comic meme | 4 / 5 male characters


okay but you know what I want?

I want fics and fanart of Eli in peaceful protests against institutionalised racism, and all the Young Avengers supporting him and protesting right beside him

I want Billy and Teddy at pride marches in uniform, holding hands with huge smiles on their faces, and with Billy’s cape magicked into a pride flag and Teddy’s hair rainbow streaked. And Tommy walking along with them in uniform with a shirt that says ‘I support my soul-twin and his boyfriend’ or something like that on the front

I want Kate volunteering at soup kitchens and community/refuge centres and women’s centres, giving self defence classes or funding them and dragging all her friends in to help because you can never have enough volunteers

I want Tommy helping run youth rehabilitation centres or courses because he knows hat it’s like to be on the inside and not being given a second chance to make things better

I want the team joining in with peace rallies in and out of costume and always vocally supporting and/or protesting non-violently

I want superheroes making a change in the world that goes beyond saving it from outside forces

there’s so much material here, why isn’t more of it being used?


comic meme | 4 / 5 relationships


De-aged Women of Batfam! (canonverse)

A runmonsterun and snackage collaboration. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ


Some old Scott and Barda sketches from a couple of years ago.  For fun when I was bored.

These were drawn on a giant post-it paper pad!

photoset per episode | episode nine: masks


1 / 5 edits for speed weed | cassandra cain



Bubbline and Teen Titans cross over. :,D nyehhh